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Risk Management for Small Businesses

How to Grow Your Business:

A Defensive Strategy for Small Business Owners to Manage Risks, Plan for the Future, and Grow Forward

Fresh, hands-on guidance from Expert Risk Consultant and

Certified Organization & Leadership Coach, Rhys Li

Available in paperback and ebook format

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Growing your business starts with predicting the future.

As a business owner, have you ever wished you could take just a quick glimpse into the future? To see what different paths, obstacles, and opportunities you’ll face and how you can prepare your business for success and protect it from failure?

Plan, prepare, and power your way to success.

How to Grow Your Business is the entrepreneur’s guide to growing their business forward. In each chapter, you’ll lay a defensive strategy to build a strong foundation for your business.

In the end, growth is all about avoiding risk. But even more, it’s about finding and creating opportunities.

This is the journey we embark on together.


Understand Your Risks, Create Your Blue Ocean of Success

Risk management = Business growth.

Risk coaching is a business owner’s secret weapon.

As an entrepreneur, your business is more than just a company — it’s a part of you, your goals, and your purpose. Protect it with power and reach its full potential by following simple yet effective risk management strategies.

An Exclusive Look into How to Grow Your Business

Get instructions and inspiration from Rhys Li’s 20+ years of risk coaching experience.

Part I: Foundations for Growth

  • CHAPTER I: Introduction

  • CHAPTER 2: Mapping Out Your Path to Growth

Part II: Getting to Know Your Enemy #1

  • CHAPTER 3: Identifying the Risks & Obstacles in Your Journey

  • CHAPTER 4: Preparing for the Worst-Case Scenario

  • CHAPTER 5: Getting to Know Your Risk Stakeholders

Part III: Strategic Growth Strategies

  • CHAPTER 6: Overcoming Obstacles by Evaluating Risks

  • CHAPTER 7: Internal Research: Strategic Growth

  • CHAPTER 8: External Research: The Hero’s Guide

  • CHAPTER 9: Best Practices in Risk Management

  • CHAPTER 10: Building Your Risk Management Tool belt

Part IV: Deliberate Results

  • CHAPTER 11: Growing Forward

Build a foundation for growth, know your weaknesses, empower your strengths, and get deliberate results.

Eleven chapters later, get the logistical strategies and mindset tools you need to accelerate lasting growth for your business.

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“Is this book for me?”

How to Grow Your Business was written for business owners, entrepreneurs, family business owners, and, really, anyone looking to start their own business.

It’s the foundation you need to jumpstart your business for sustainable growth or reimagine your structure for an abundant, secure future.

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Meet the Author, Rhys Li

your strategic partner helping you

to pave your own path


For over 20 years, Rhys Li has led countless businesses toward success with his expert risk consulting services. As a Certified Organization & Leadership Coach, Rhys has provided coaching to board members to transition, new executives to lead, and small businesses to grow by understanding the true risks they faced. 

Rhys began his corporate career in New York City within an international consulting firm. He spent over 20 years as a risk consultant, helping international companies and brands to manage risks. With his experience and certification, he is here to help you and business to grow. 

Hear from Rhys Li’s coaching clients

Rhys Li Testimonial

Aura J.

"You will leave Rhys' coaching sessions feeling excited about living your values and accomplishing those things that truly matter to you."

How to Grow Your Business:

A Defensive Strategy for Small Business Owners to Manage Risks, Plan for the Future, and Grow Forward

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