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This service is for small business owners who are seeking to understand what may be blocking their growth. As a business owner, are you struggling with any of the following:


  • Finding leads/customers
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Growth
  • Financial planning
  • Retention
  • Operational business continuity


I am committed to help you to:

  • Transform your business to be more innovative and risk proof.
  • Create a positive organizational culture.
  • To make smart risk-free decisions.
  • Increase your business intelligence and confidence.


Schedule a FREE 30 mins consultation here prior to ordering. 


  • Are you ready to consult? This is a 1-on-1 consulting package. The consultation is customized to your need. The approach I take is a combination of my professional experiences as a risk consultant and as a certified coach. We will identify skills, key strenghts, and strategies to further improve your abilities.


    Every CEO has a personal coach/consultant to manuever through tough decisions so why can't you? You will leave the consultation with more clarity, awareness, and confidence. 


    Pricing for consultation is:

    • Overview (1 hour session): €325
    • Strategize (3 hour session): €877,50 (save 10%)
    • Execute (5 hour session): €1.300 (save 20%)

    *All prices include VAT (21%)

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