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our founder and ceo

Hi! I'm Rhys,

your strategic partner helping you

to pave your own path

With over 20 years as a risk consultant and a certified organization coach and facilitator, I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. I hold an MBA, certified organizational coach and trained as a systemic constellation facilitator.

My consultation revolves around 5 key areas that can propel your goals, whether in business or personal life. 


We've heard this before, communication is key. So how did you apply it to your professional or persona life? When we are faced in a conflict, or especially in today's society, cultural conflict, how do can we move forward together? Communication is very important in all we do. Knowing how to, when to, or what to communicate will be one of the stepping stone to your success.


Whether you have a yearning to start your own business or just trying to create your own life path, understanding what can get in the way and how to overcome them is just one step. Having worked as a risk consultant, I understood that managing your risk is not the only way. As a strategist, I combine my risk consulting and coaching experiences to help you strategize a sustainable plan.


Sometimes we feel that we've reached a plateau in our life. What if that is not really the case. Would you believe that there's still more or are you feeling that there is more but what else is there? As a person who likes to think about the future and think about the "what if's", I will work with you to create your vision. Let's paint your masterpiece today!



We need a confidant who we can trust and support when making tough personal and professional choices, especially when we need to compete. As a mentor to younger staff members in my professional life, I have guided many to their successes. Witnessing their progress and goal turn into reality motivates me to do what I do.

Analyzing situations and events with a microscopic lens can provide options that we may have overlooked. As a risk consultant, my analysis are deep and we can work together to carve out the best option for you. 

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