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Systemic Consulting is a simple and effective method of working on problems that affect every aspects of our personal and professional life. In the past decade, we learned and lived through many complexities, turbulences and uncertainties are more the norm than the exception. Many of us are faced with challenges to navigate through complexity and work with emergence in creative ways. There are system sensing approaches that can allow groups and organizations, even individuals, to operate with more alignment and coherence within these larger transitions.


My systemic consultation is a process of creating a model of a particular system in order to reveal and transform hidden patterns that suits you. It is based on a living and whole systems approach and can offer a grounded way of illuminating pressing personal, professional and collective issues. 

Read more about how Systemic Consulting (Constellation) can help you HERE.

Systemic Constellation At Work


Is your organization facing any of the following: - Blockage in generating ideas, team work, etc. - Productivity challenge - Leadership problems - Uncertainty with business decisions Systemic Consulting will provide possibilities of your system and provide an overview when faced with any of the challenges above. When choosing new partners, positioning on the market, decision-making with multiple options, developing or changing strategy, etc., Systemic Consulting can provide unseen possibilities. How long is the workshop? Generally, workshops lasts 60-90 mins, depending on the number of participants.  ​ How often are the workshops? To gain a definitive response to your challenge, workshops can lasts 4 weeks.  How are the workshops delivered? It can be done in-person or online.


A therapeutic method which combines beliefs and elements of a family. As a trained facilitor of constellation, my method will help families and individuals (children/parents): - Grow compassion, self-awareness, and confidence - Shed new light to family situations - Help you to face problems with new perspectives - Explore new journey in life - Create new understanding to personal patterns of behaviour - Integrate your emotional connections with the mind and body If your personal issue that is draining you, a family systemic constellation workshop will provide you with upbeat and new information to help you get unstuck.


Rhys is very understanding and supportive in the process. I felt so comfortable and felt like I was not alone to deal with my challenge. I felt relaxed and understood. The new information that was provided during the Systemic Consulting workshops has shed new perspective into what I was facing.

Svetlana S.

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