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Are you tired of your current situation and you know you want to create a business of your own? You may have too many ideas or none at all. No worries, I've been through this path. I have now created 3 brands that I can say I am happy about. 


Let's discuss on how I can help you so that you can create your business as well. I offer 3 levels: Basic, Premium, and VIP. Each with level includes an additional approach. This is not a course about how to create your niche. I have accumulated all the lessons learned from my own development (from experiences and education) and created this program to help you. 


Basic: Includes leadership assessment and consultation


Premium: Includes Basic option plus 4 additional consultations


VIP: Includes Premium and exercises (in the form of workbooks and steps start your business planning). We will work through from step 1 to launch of your business idea. This program usually will last 6 months (depending on how quick you want to launch your business). 


  • Who is this for? 

    This program is created for serious individuals who are looking to start their next career or life plan. 

    How will this consultation occur?

    Our meeting can be done virtually or in person (depending on your location). I try to make it as simple as possible to save you time so that you can spend more time on your idea. 

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