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Risk Coaching

Maybe you’re experienced but just need a little extra push to get you where you need to go. Maybe you’re just starting out and need a solid plan.


I get it. Running a business, especially in 2022 with so much uncertainty can be hard.


My goal as a risk management coach and business consultant is to give you the tools, security, and mindset you need for you and your business to not only survive but thrive. I’ve been where you are, and have experienced both the pitfalls and successes throughout my 20+ years of experience working in international business development.


My services are for:

  • Current small business owners looking to overcome obstacles or develop a clear strategy for sustainable growth

  • Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business

  • Anyone who wants to improve their current mindset and motivation


Why trust me?

  • I have 20+ years of experience in strategic planning, risk assessment, and business development, working with U.S. and Dutch partners in the financial sector, consumer products, technology, telecommunications, as well as oil and gas companies.

  • As the son of a busy entrepreneur and a family of my own, I understand the challenges of balancing the demands of a business with personal life and the mental toll it can take

  • I started my coaching and consulting business with a desire to help people just like you succeed and now provide custom-tailored mentorship and coaching services to clients from all around the world


My style of coaching is rooted in encouragement, organization, risk reduction, and leadership.

I want to give you the right tangible and mental tools that will give you significant outcomes for your business.


There are 5 key areas we will focus on in our time together:


  1. Communication - Know how, when, and what to communicate to achieve your desired outcome

  2. Strategic - Manage your risk and develop a cohesive strategy that takes every part of your business into account

  3. Futuristic - Have you reached a plateau or just an obstacle? Create a vision for the future that works for you.

  4. Competition - Develop confidence in your decision-making when it comes to succeeding in the face of competition

  5. Deliberative - Get the insight and analytical skills you need to assess situations and events that affect your business


My business consulting services have been designed to give you the exact tools you need to grow and thrive as an entrepreneur.


Questions? Schedule a free consulting call with me and let’s see how I can help you.

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